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작성자 최고관리자 댓글 0건 조회 215회 작성일 24-02-28 19:50


김효빈 석사학위 취득
논문제목: Longitudinal Control Model of Curved Roads for Autonomous Vehicle: Privacy-Preserving Approach to Reflect Driving Characteristic Using Federated-Learning

박영근 석사학위 취득
논문제목: A Study on the Powertrain Control Map Calibration for Fuel Efficiency Improvement of Parallel Hybrid Vehicles

송은지 석사학위 취득
논문제목: Edge-Triggered 3D Object Detection using LiDAR Ring

안지혁 석사학위 취득
논문제목: Time Series Deep Learning-Based Drive Mode Transition Using Neutral State in Electric Vehicle 2-Speed Transmission


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